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My name is Steven Pender and if you have clogged gutters I can help! I am a certified and trusted installer of Gutterglove gutter guard products. Which in my 7 years of experience Gutterglove’s gutter guards is the only one that has proven to work in all circumstances long term. So if you are struggling with clogged gutters, or currently have a faulty gutter guard that is not working and you’re ready to solve this problem once and for all please give me a call or fill out an estimate request (which takes 10 seconds) and you can have this problem solved forever by next week!

Now I know what you’re thinking, “yeah yeah yeah I’ve heard these claims a hundred times by all the other gutter guard companies but none of their products work.” So what makes me any different? Well firstly you are correct, just about every company on the market makes the same claims but almost none of the other products work. Well fortunately there is at least one quality gutter guard product on the market that does work. Which allows me to be 100% completely transparent. So I designed this website to provide you with honest and accurate information about all of the gutter guards on the market, you’ll see first hand real life examples of which ones work and why, as well as which ones do not work and why. I also provide tons of other valuable information on this site for homeowners like yourself to learn about the costly damages clogged gutters can cause to your home, what life is actually like when you have a gutter guard, and much more! It is my goal and passion to honestly educate and solve clogged gutters for as many homeowners as I can! Thank you for visiting Eavestrough today, please let me know if there is anything I can help you with, it is my pleasure to serve you!

Do you have clogged gutters?
Is your current gutter protection simply not working?
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Would you like me to provide you with a Free On-site No Obligation Estimate and Consultation?
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How Much Do I Charge?

The first question you should ask yourself when on the searching for a gutter guard is, "Does the gutter guard work?" 
I have plenty of information and videos proving that what I install, Gutterglove gutter guards, do work! I encourage you to spend as much time fimilarizing yourself with Gutterglove gutter guards as well as the other gutter guards on the market to know youre making the correct choice. 
The second question I know you would like the answer to is how much does it cost. I may be the only company in the industry who will tell you that right now without sending a salesman to your home. I am not interested in sending a salesman to your home, I am not interested in myself becoming a salesman to "sell" you on something. If your gutters are clogged, and you don't want to have to climb a ladder all the time or hire a gutter cleaner every couple months to prevent your home from being destroyed by clogged gutters, you need a gutter guard that works. Plain and simple. No need for any salesman nonsense. For 95% of clients I recommend and install Gutterglove's Leafblaster Pro gutter guard. This is the absolute best gutter guard on the market in terms of quality material and construction as well as versatility. So without further adue here is my average pricing for a Leafblaster Pro installation.
Gutterglove Leaf Blaster Pro Install Pricing:

100ft of gutter - $1,800
150 feet of gutter - $2,700
200 feet of gutter - $3,600
This pricing is well under all of the competitors in the industry. From Leaf Filter to Leaf Guard to Gutter Helmet to Mastersheild to Leaf Solutions. I am usually $500-$2,000 less than these competitors. The only companies who charge less are those installing aluminum perforated gutter guards, and in that case, well, you get what you pay for. Don't say you weren't warned!

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Let Me Help You Get the Information You Need

Gutter Rot York Pa Gutter Cleaning Gutter Guards Leaffilter Leaf Guard Maryland Gutter Cleaning

Why Clogged Gutters Are So Damaging 

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Why Gutter Guards Are Worth The Investment

Gutter Helmet Fail York Pa Gutter Cleaning Gutter Guards Eavestrough LLC Gutters

Which Gutter Protection Systems Fail and Why 

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Pricing: How Much I Charge Vs The Competitors

Gutter Glove Pro York Pa Gutter Cleaning Gutter Guards Eavestrough LLC Gutter

What Gutter Protection System Works 

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What To Expect In The Future After Having A Gutterglove Guard Installed

Gutter Helmet Fail York Pa Gutter Cleaning Gutter Guards Eavestrough LLC Gutters

How I Install A Proven Gutter Protection System

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Testimonials & Photo Gallery of Installs

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Why Eavestrough

Experience. Quality. Affordable. Professional. Local. Work Guaranteed
Genuine Care

First and most importantly, I genuinely care. I love what I do and I am passionate about helping home  owners like yourself solve a major pesky problem as well as keep you from being scammed by big companies whose products do not work. My goal is to truly solve your gutter problems and help you understand how to keep your gutters and guards working properly years down the road. Your home is the largest and most important investment you make in life, something as simple as clogged gutters can destroy it and cost you thousands. I started Eavestrough to make sure that does not happen.


Secondly is experience. I have 7 years of experience cleaning gutters, uninstalling faulty gutter guards, and installing quality proven to work gutter guards. With this amount of experience I know which products work and which ones do not. I only install quality proven to work guards that not only last but work for a lifetime. I also know exactly how to install it, in many different kinds of scenarios. Whether it be intricate roof designs with many valleys or very steep roof pitches. I know how to install it so that the guard will work properly. This is something that is a major problem for many other companies, they just don’t have an understanding of what they’re installing and how. I see a lot of companies use the same install style on small roofs as big steep roofs. And let me tell you, it just doesn’t work. Being able to understand high flow water areas and having products designed to handle those areas is crucial, and many companies do not have this.

Professionalism & Quality

Next is professional, I’m polite, present myself well, and show up on time and my work is guaranteed. When you hire Eavestrough, you’re hiring me, for everything. I give the estimates and do the installs and do the following up. This way professionalism, experience, and quality is guaranteed every step of the way. With other companies you get someone different at each step. And the guy who gives the estimate is never the same person doing the install. You never know who they are going to send out. This is generally where quality and experience begins to take a huge dive for almost all companies.

Affordable Pricing

My pricing is fair and affordable. All other companies in this industry love to take you to the bank for as much money as they possibly can, sometimes charging over 6 thousand dollars, for a mere 150 feet of gutter guard installation. That’s ridiculous is you ask me! For that same 150ft I would charge under 2 thousand dollars and the product I install will actually work! So please if you are struggling with clogged gutters, don't waste your time dealing with sleezy salesmen from other companies, give me a call!

Work Gauranteed

And best of all my work is guaranteed! I'm not just here for your money. I truly want to solve your clogged gutter situation once and for all and have your gutters working like they should for many many years to come. By installing the best product on the market and many years of experience to understand how to install them properly I can promise you that your gutters will be good to go once I'm done! If for some reason there is a hiccup, I am available six days a week to handle any problems that may occur. All homes are a little different and once in a blue moon I don't get the results I was hoping for on the first try. But like I said before I am not just here to take your money and run. So if there is any problems you can have comfort knowing I will come back until I am able to get it right, or your money back!

High quality American stainless-steel won't rust or corrode


State of the Art Design 

Installs onto all gutter types

No Plastic, No Glue, No Bs
Never Climb A Dangerous Ladder Again
Prevent Damage to Your Roof, Ceilings, Siding, Drywall, Fascia Boards, Flowers, Foundation, and Basement
Complimentary Check Up
Results Guaranted
Does Not Void Any Roof Warranties
Adds Value To Your Home
40 Year Warranty
Gutter Helmet Fail York Pa Gutter Cleaning Gutter Guards Eavestrough LLC Gutters

...Is a trusted & Certified Gutterglove Pro Installer! Here are some highlights of the top quality gutter protection system that I install and recommend to all home and business owners!

What to Expect


FREE estimate and consultation

Upon receiving your estimate request, I will contact you right away to answer any questions you may have and to set up a time and date that is most convenient for you to have myself, an experienced, polite professional inspect your property and give you the information you need to make the best decision for your home. You'll receive a customized, no obligation quote.


Professional Installation

After we set up a time and a date for your installation, I will arrive on time and ready to get to work! I uninstall any existing gutter protection system if there is one. I then clean, repair & prepare your gutters, and expertly install your new gutter protection system that will remain trustworthy, and clog-free for the lifetime of your home!


40 Year Warranty & Follow Ups

Once installed, I'm not quite done with you yet. I like to call my clients and check in and see how the gutter guard is working. I usually wait 6 months to a year before calling. I like to give some time for debris to fall and some good storms to happen before checking to make sure everything is working as expected. Of course if there are any problems I am on the way to take care of them ASAP! MY work is 100% guaranteed! Also Gutterglove offers a 40 Year Material Warranty, that is transferable if you ever sell your home.

"I always had problems with my gutters before. I have a lot of trees around my house, and no matter what I did, they always got clogged! Now I never have to worry. Would definitely recommend this service to anyone!"

 --Tony G. (York, PA)

"Professional and courteous service. Very satisfied!"

--Marry S. (Hallam, PA)


"So happy with my gutter guards! Now I don't have to worry about cleaning! Thanks."

--Harry L. (Lancaster, PA)

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