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Hello I'm Steven Pender and I am the proud owner of Eavestrough "High Quality Gutter Protection Systems." I am originally from the bayous and sugar cane fields of south Louisiana. I was fortunate to be raised in a military home. Where hard work, discipline, and respect were honed into me from a very young age. My father was in the coast guard for twenty years and mother was a marine for twenty two. We moved up north when my parents retired from the military and found jobs in Pennsylvania. My dad now works for the FAA as a safety inspector and my mom is a school teacher.

      In Pennsylvania I enjoy hiking and swimming in the river. Playing all sorts of sports and in the winter I love snowboarding. When I graduated high school my dream was to work for Snow Park Technologies, which is the company that builds the winter X-Games and winter Olympics. I learned quickly that if I wanted to chase a winter career, I would need a summer job to get by in the time being. This is how I found a skill set and passion for window cleaning and power washing. At first I became an employee at a local company performing those services mainly in the residential field. After 3 years of working for another company I realized I could provide better quality at a lower cost and make more money for my own self by starting my own window cleaning power washing company.

      So I started Crystal View Window Cleaning. Like most entrepreneurs trying to start a business I had humble beginnings. I started with a 1998 Subaru that was falling apart and ladders tied to top. It was very hard to get it going and stick through the hard times. But through hard work and persistence I began to get the company up and running. Performing my best work at each and every job I gained many positive referals. From this I was able to grow it from ground up into a booming and very profitable company in just 3 short years! It was during these 7 years in the residential service industry that I couldn't help but notice that almost every homeowner faced the same major issue; clogged gutters! Seeing that almost every client of mine was facing this problem I began to research if there was a way to solve it. It wasn't long into looking that what I discovered was horrifying. This discovery is what lead me to close down my booming business that I worked so hard to create, and start from scratch to start another. 

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"Day 1"

"Middle of third year"


     As I mentioned before during my years in the residential service industry I noticed that every home owner with a tree near their home struggled with clogged gutters and the problems they created. Boy did I hear some nightmare stories. As I began to research for solutions to this problem I came to learn the severity of clogged gutters. And just how detrimental they were to a home. Rather it be rotting fascia boards and walls or eroding foundation, I learned that clogged gutters created very serious problems. If left unsolved would eventually create tens of thousands of dollars of damage for the homeowner. But believe it or not that wasn't the worst part. What I learned next while searching for solutions to the problem is what really horrified me.

      As I began to learn about gutter protection systems or "gutter guards" I discovered that 99% of products on the market were compete scams. Whether it would be a Leaf Guard product or Leaf Filter or Gutter Helmet or even the products at the local hardware store for homeowners to install themselves. Each and every single one of these products were doomed to fail. But wait it gets even worse. Companies like Gutter Helmet, Leaf Filter, and Leaf Guard know their product is doomed to fail. They  use very good marketing to convince homeowners to spend 4-6 thousand dollars on one of their systems, promising the homeowner all sorts of false promises. Knowing their product will fail in the near coming years, these companies move away or change their name so they do not have to honor any of the warranty sold with the product. Leaving the homeowner out of thousands of dollars and stuck with gutters that are worse off than they were before. After learning this at first I thought all gutter guard products do not work and all companies in the industry are terrible. Until I discovered Gutter Glove Pro gutter protection system.

      Gutter Glove got started in the early 2000's, and just like me they noticed that all guards eventually failed and there had to be a better way. Sure enough there was. Gutter Glove developed a product that would solve clogged gutters forever with none of the drawbacks of other products. Using the highest quality material and a state of the art design this guard got the job done and done right! I experimented with this product on my parents home and a client who was willing to give it a try. And I gotta say we were all very impressed. These babies worked! And worked well! With the highest quality materials used for construction and the state of the art design, I knew this was finally a product I could stand behind. 

      So I began the process of starting a company to get the word out! It is my goal and passion that through Eavestrough homeowners can finally receive accurate information on the costly damages of clogged gutters, can learn the honest truth about what products exist on the market and which ones work and more importantly which ones don't! And to also provide homeowners with a good company they can trust to professionally install a high quality product that will finally solve clogged gutters for the rest of their life! With a 40 year warranty that is actually honored all 40 years. Although we are very small now it is my hope and ambition to grow this company to where homeowners all across the country can get the help they need!

Why I Started Eavestrough
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